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Astronaut Training

 Not only does this therapy approach have an awesome name, but the impact it has on improving your loved one's vestibular system is amazing.  It is a sound-activated vestibular-visual protocol that helps our vestibular system keep us balanced and aware of our environment.  What is the vestibular system?  "The vestibular system teams up with the auditory and visual systems to perform many important tasks by helping us understand the 3-dimensional space that surrounds us. When working properly, the sights and sounds of our world become meaningful and entice us to move, explore, and engage with objects, people, and events.  It is the integration of sensory information that holds the key to finding meaning in the world." ~Astronaut Training



Would my child benefit? 

Vestibular deficits are often found in children with delayed motor development, perceptual or attention deficits, learning disabilities, emotional problems, language disorders, and autism.

Baio Enterprises' offers this amazing therapy approach from our own certified Occupational Therapist.  Call today to schedule your visit!