Parent Education Series 2022

Astronaut Fireflies Animation
Astronaut Training

Rebecca Schira is an Occupation Therapist certified in Astronaut Training.  This is a unique program designed to directly impact the vestibular, visual, and auditory systems to help develop optimal vestibular function, essential for the foundation of sensory processing and motor control. Astronaut Training allows children to improve regulation, spatial awareness, and general movement abilities to further target specific skills, such as handwriting, attention, social-emotional skills, etc.
Care 4 the Caregivers

Care 4 the Caregivers aims to reduce caregiver burnout and build the resiliency of caregivers of children with disabilities by providing them with easy to access tools that focus on mindfulness, education, and community.  Care 4 the Caregivers offers an informational space, an empowering environment and programs and services that help families strengthen and thrive.  Learn more about what this amazing group has to offer from the found herself, Michele Thorne.