Building social skills

Baio Enterprises offers age and needs-based groups to increase social skills.  These groups focus on topics from parallel play to filling out a job application.  We help put the pieces together to build friendships.  Our peer groups provide a safe environment for all those in need to develop social skills and build relationships with others.  The term "social skills" covers a variety of topics that can impact developing relationships and maintaining those relationships.  From making friends to getting and keeping jobs, social skills empower us all.


NEW!!  The "Be Safe" Class is for teens and young adults to learn about law enforcement. The program uses curricula brought to the valley by the "Be Safe" team at the Autism Society of Greater Phoenix.  Our children and young adults may one day need to interact with a police officer.  While most people with Autism Spectrum Disorders "look" typical, they may not react to law enforcement in a "typical" way.  This class will teach them about police, help them practice what to do if they encounter a police officer and build confidence.  Call today to find out when the next class begins.


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