Is teletherapy for you?

During COVID, we were lucky to explore a different way to provide therapy.  Teletherapy is a way to receive therapy through your computer.  Similar to Facetime or other virtual chatting platforms, we are able to provide therapeutic support to you from the comfort of your own home. 

While many people believe a child must be able to sit in front of a computer to do teletherapy, that is not always true!  We have found that with parent support, we can help guide and empower you in teaching your child the skills they are trying to learn.  

If you are unsure about how teletherapy works or if it is right for you, call us today for a free consult!

Tips for using Zoom

Baio Enterprises believes in keeping your sessions private.  We use the HIPAA approved Zoom platform for all therapy sessions.  

To learn more about how to log in, create, or troubleshoot your Zoom calls log in to this helpful site: 

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